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The Situation

More and more companies operate in a distributed manner (different geographies, diversified businesses, flexible offices, etc.).

Multiple mergers and acquisitions allow for fast growth and expansions, but bring people together with no common history.

While under constant profitability or budget pressure, organizations tend to be more and more “lean and mean” and reduce the amount of back office personnel.

There is a natural tendency for any individual to communicate with no more than 20 people on a day to day basis.

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The Problem

Tracking the organizational structure becomes a bureaucratic task that needs constant attention. Such attention can no longer be afforded. As a result, organizational charts are often not updated and not widely available.

Company directories, even when they exist, are mostly local and do not promote company-wide communication. Critical information such as position, place in the organizational structure, function are not included in company directories.

The creation of company-wide org charts and directories is tedious, cumbersome and time consuming. Even when created, the maintenance and constant updates are “mission impossible”.

Business applications that improve or often enable internal communication have a low priority in the IT budgets (as opposed to email communication, office applications, ERP, CRM, etc.).

The Implications

Organizations “operate in the dark”. Examples:

  • Finding a physics teacher in a specific school that is part of a chain of 100 schools.
  • Finding a buyer for raw materials in one specific subsidiary out of a 15 subsidiary company.
  • Making a simple count of all the HR personnel in a company.
  • Establishing a forum of all software architects in a multi-national high-tech company.
  • Analyzing the number of hierarchical layers in an organization and drawing conclusions vis-à-vis performance.
  • Understanding the ratio between back office and customer-facing employees.
  • A manager wants to connect a face to a name but is ashamed to ask...


What if there was an easy solution?

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