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OrgChart4U is designed to help a wide variety of organizations.

It simplifies the search for colleagues and makes it easy to understand the organizational structures, even with complex hierarchies and geographical spread.

Very secured, OrgChart4U uses a strong SSL encryption and our data is being kept in an industry standard cloud hosting facility.

Just click on the member's box in the hierarchy page.

The hierarchy page of each member provides a link to the member's details page.

In addition, you can click on the print button, and either save the hierarchy as a PDF document or print it out.

The hierarchy page allows you to show more / fewer hierarchical levels.

Basically, there is no restriction on the number of levels.

Yes you can!

The members page allows you to search data and filter it by a wide range of fields, such as: department, location, title, etc.

Advanced Search

Yes we can.

You can get access to our services for free or pay a competitive price, in which case the service will be provided without ads.

The pricing and buying options are listed here.

Sure you can! We provide you share buttons to all major social networks: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This makes sharing your hierarchy or member's profile easier than ever!

All you need to do is allow your organization to be visible to the public.

Certainly! We provide a matrix barcode on each member's page - so you can easily scan it with your smartphone and import the member's details.

You can easily color code each and every member of your hierarchy.

You can even select different border colors for the member's org chart box.

Sure you can.

In the Edit Organization page you can select between 13 different scheme colors!

Color Scheme Sample

We have created our Game Of Charts especially for this purpose.

In your home page, after you login, click on the "Game Of Charts" link from the left menu.

Click on the employee's box to see his/her details, or just click on the "Get Another Team" button - and a randomly selected team will be displayed.

Game Of Charts

Yes, no problem at all.

All you have to do is visit the Edit Member page of the relevant employees, and add as much tags as you need.

For example, you could add a tag called "French" for the employees who can speak French. Or, assign a tag called "NG Project" to all employees who are working on the NG Project. We even provide a Tag Cloud, as shown in the below picture, so you can quickly view which are the most used tags in your organization. Even better, you can click on each of the words in the Tag Cloud, and you'll be redirected to a page with all the employees who own the selected tag.

Tag Cloud
  1. Navigate to your CEO's Org Chart page.
  2. Click on thebutton several times until you view all the employees (thebutton displays more hierarchical levels).
  1. Use Google's Chrome web browser.
  2. Navigate to your CEO's Org Chart page.
  3. Click on thebutton several times until you view all the employees (thebutton displays more hierarchical levels).
  4. Click on the print button in the org chart page.
  5. You should get a print preview form provided by your browser.
  6. At this stage you might see that the org chart is not well aligned on the preview form - in which case you should click on the cancel button of the preview form, and then reposition the org chart by clicking on the "move arrows" buttons. After repositioning the org chart, you should click on the print button again. You might repeat this step several times until you get a satisfactory result.
  7. On the preview form you can either click on the print button, or change the print destination (by clicking on the "Change..." button, and then select "Save as PDF") - so it can be saved as a PDF file. Please note that you can change the layout to "portrait", which might be more suitable for broader hierarchies.

We support importing of a CSV file that most HR systems can generate.

Import Members

However, you can also add one member at a time on our Add Member page.

Please go to the Edit Member page, select a manager, and click on the submit button.

Doing so will create a hierarchical relationship between the saved employee and his/her manager.

Create hierarchical relationships

Provided you have added these members to OrgChart4U with their emails, all you need to do is access the Invite Members page and proceed with a "Bulk Invite" process.

You will have the option to select all or select multiple members to invite at once.

When invited, the members will receive an email with a button to accept the invitation and set their password. After setting their password, the members will be redirected to their main home page.

Invite Members

Owner role: provides members full permissions - i.e. it allows to create, edit and remove members' data. Moreover, only owners are allowed to edit the organization's details.

Member role: provides restricted editing permissions - i.e. it allows to edit only the data related to the specific logged in member.

Viewer role: provides view permissions only.

Yes you can!

Please login with Google, go to your organization's page, and then click on the "Import Members" button.

Next, please click on the "GET USERS FROM g+" button - and wait until you get a message saying that your data was successfully received from Google.

Go to STEP 3, fill in the required "Title" field for all your users.

Please fill in the "Manager Email" field to create a hierarchical link between the current member and its manager.

Click on the "UPLOAD" button.

It's your choice.

In your organization's data page, you can specify whether your Org Chart - and consequently your organization's and members' data - should be made visible to the public, which means everyone on the internet will get access to this data - not only the members of your organization.

This is a great feature if you want your stake holders to have access to your organization, org chart and member details, e.g.:

  • Customers: Making your member contact details public, such as email and phone at work, will make it easier for people to contact the right person in your organization.
  • Investors: Making your organization and org chart details public will clarify how your organization works.
  • Social Sharing: Public data can be easily shared on social networks.
    For example: you can post a new job offer on LinkedIn directly from your organization page on OrgChart4U, and it should automatically fill the following details in your LinkedIn post:
    • Organization's Logo
    • Your organization's description as defined in OrgChart4U (or at least a short excerpt from it - as this depends on LinkedIn policy)
    • A link to your organization page on OrgChart4U - so your potential recruitee can easily familiarize with your organization details, org chart, etc.
    • Since, LinkedIn allows you to post to specific groups or individuals, your post can be focused and targeted

In any case, we understand that making your organization data visible to all does not fit specific organizations - and hence we allow settings to keep your data private.

No. Only your public data will be visible to the public, which is:

At the Organization level:

  • Name
  • Industry
  • Description
  • Logo
  • Website URL
  • Address Details

At the Member / Org Chart hierarchy level:

  • Full Name
  • Title
  • Email
  • Phone at Work
  • Fax Number
  • Manager Name
  • Location
  • Department
  • Employee Tags

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