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Employee Directory

Online Photo Directory and Tags Database that make it Super Easy to Find People

What If?

A company-wide directory would be created from the email addresses within a few easy steps.

Each and every employee would be able to update his own contact details.

All the global directory, and org charts, would be visible to all your employees, all the time from any mobile device.

All searches (functional, geographical, others) would be available at your finger tips.

No IT department involvement would be needed at all. The whole application could be managed by any computer savvy HR personnel.

The directory would be all for free (with ads) or for several hundred dollars per year (without ads).


org chart

Introducing OrgChart4U

OrgChart4U is a business application that promotes better internal communication in any company or organization. This cloud based software:

  • Makes the company directory and org charts visible from any location and any mobile device at any time.

  • Allows various organizational analysis.

  • Connects the face of employees to their names and functions.

  • Lets you learn about your coworkers and ensure your team has important information handy, wherever they are.

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Finding people has never been easier thanks to our employee directory and photo directory.

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