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Why Choose OrgChart4U

If you are looking for a better way to present and list your organization's employees,
OrgChart4U is made for you!

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A Directory built for Modern Organizations

  • Interactive employee directory with a photo directory and employee tags database.
  • Easy to set up. No special training is required.
  • Quickly upload all your employees with our advanced Bulk Upload Data tool.
  • Send an email invitation to your employees with our Bulk Invite tool.

Finding employees in your organization is easier than ever with our advanced search tool. No matter how far apart your employees are, they can easily search through the staff directory, put a face to a name, and connect instantly.

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Online Org Chart

  • Easily create and manage your organization chart with our advanced tools.
  • Track and visualize functional accountabilities in your organization.

OrgChart4U is a social utility that shows your member hierarchy in a tree diagram. Each member will have a link to its manager and subordinate(s), helping you navigate through the organization's hierarchy.

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Employee Details

  • Get instant access to the member's contact details.
  • Easily import the member's contact data to your smartphone, using a matrix barcode.

Store and access your members' contact details over the web. OrgChart4U is accessible online by your global team via computer and mobile devices. OrgChart4U works with most modern browsers.

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Smart Tool

  • Get insights related to your organization's structure.
  • Quickly access relevant profiles.

Gain better and easier collaboration with the members that matter most to your activities.

Understand your organizational structure with descriptive charts - such as who are the managers with the highest number of both direct and indirect subordinates.

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Game Of Charts

  • Is your organization growing?
  • Do you find it difficult to put names to faces in your company?

You can now learn the structure and people in your organization with our Game Of Charts!

Keep up with who everyone is at your growing company.

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Tag Cloud

  • Would you like to group together employees from different departments?
  • Do you need to find all employees with specific skill sets?

You can use our advanced tagging tool - and group employees by any tags you wish!

Keep up with what everyone can do in your company.

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View a Demo Org Chart and Directory

We offer more possibilities to meet your every day needs.

You deserve the right tools to do your job efficiently and effectively.

Waste no more time - only 3 easy steps are required to start with your online directory!


Hiearchy at your fingertip!

Advanced Search and Tagging

Enhanced search functions by criteria such as department, location, titles help to identify relevant employees of the organization.

Even better, you can tag employees with our advanced tagging tool. Tags are useful for grouping employees that have similar skill sets, similar interests or whatever suits you best.

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Multilevel Hierarchical Display with Different Colors

The number of hierarchical levels displayed in the org chart can be increased or decreased – to help focus on single teams, specific groups or even the whole organization!

Moreover, you can color code your employees, so you can easily differentiate between offices, teams, etc.

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Security & Authorizations

OrgChart4U uses a strong SSL encryption and our data is being kept in an industry standard cloud hosting facility.

We allow settings to keep all your data private.

Editing the information is protected with different authorizations.

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Advanced Bulk Upload

Easily upload your staff data from a CSV file or directly from your Google Accounts subscription.

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Bulk Invite Employees

Quickly invite all or a selected set of employees. Our Bulk Invite tool will send a personal email to the selected employees.

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Printing Your Hierarchy

The print button allows to either save the hierarchy as a PDF document or print it out.

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Only 3 easy steps are required to start with your interactive online org chart tool and employee directory!

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